Kimberlin Contractors has been proudly serving central Indiana since 1992. We are a multi-facet remodeling company, specailizing in  power washing, post- fire restoration,  flood and water damage, hail, and also wind damage. Nearly 20 years on the job has made us fully capable of doing all phases of construction and remodeling. Recently, our company has ventured into working for some of the major insurance companies, which we have been successful in making repeat customers. Our company has bought many homes for ourselves and other investors, remodeling, rehabing and restoring each and everyone of them to the owners precise specifications.  

     Our main focus is in the rehab/ restoration industry. What makes us different than the other guy you ask? Our professionalism, honesty and quality of work, thats what. Kimberlin Contractors strives to be the best in the business and make an honest living while others try to get rich by charging you two arms and a leg. We started our business by working on upper-end homes but eventually branched out to partner with a few other small businesses. Most of the work we provide stays in home but the contractors we do use have been partners with us for many years, building a trusting, hard working relationship.

     If you are looking for someone to remodel your house to make it your DREAM HOME, you've found the right company. Take your time and pick the right contractor for you. Your home is the most important investment you'll make,so be sure the guy on the job has the knowledge needed to get it done the first time. Take a few minutes to explore our site. Thank you and God bless.